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Update from Cabo

Saludos Desde Cabo!

With 2 days of reliving the loss of a 25 pound Dorado just 15 feet from the boat, that would have won us over $100K, I felt another shot at a big Dorado was in order, entering Tag Cabo Sportfishing into the Tuna Shootout on Sunday.

Captain Jobe on the Diablo, a 38-foot fishing machine, and my buddy Mike Miller headed out from the arch at 7am heading north into the area that had produced multiple hookups a few days earlier in the Tuna Jackpot.

After a 35 minute ride, we spotted some bait and very nice Dorado jumping. Lines went down and almost immediately all hell broke loose - chucking bait and all lines hooking up simultaneously. After the dust settled we had a nice fish over 20 and several others in the box.

We worked the remainder of the day using big baits for big fish. Although the action slowed it did remain steady. We headed in early with some confidence that our fish could be a contender.

Weighing in at 20.8 lbs, the weighmaster informed us that it was the leading fish so far. "Awesome!", I replied. He then told me "It was the only fish in so far.". Mexican humor at its best.

We watched many weigh-ins over the next 90 minutes and finally at 4 pm, Tag Cabo Sportfishing (that's us) was announced as the Dorado Shoot Out Annual Tournament 2019 CAMPEONES.

A rough C$10,000 prize, and a free tournament entry in Loretto.

Many thanks go out to our incredible Captain Jobe for his hard work and expertise.



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