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Message from Fred (11.30.21)

I was recently asked by a long-time customer… "So what have you been up to?". Normally one would answer in general pleasantries but it made me think about the past 5 months and the enormous list of challenges that face us today.

In review, I just wanted to express my gratitude to my staff that have performed beyond belief, as I witness the commitment of delivering the highest level of expectations for our company. I’m so proud of how our team has stood strong during these challenging and difficult times.

Our customers also deserve to be recognized for the amazing support and understanding shown with so many issues that compromise the normal standards we are accustomed to. Today we face elevated levels of stress and misinformation that tend to create more confusion and complications during these difficult times. Our goal is to bring the best foot forward so that we function the best we can every day.

With the latest emergencies and disastrous climate realities across the province, it is truly inspiring to see how people have stepped up to help the people in need. Volunteer efforts from so many give us hope for mankind. Amazing!!! A huge round of applause to everyone that has demonstrated with thankless efforts across the board.

A special thanks go to the Fraser Valley Angling Guides that have been out saving people, animals and fish. I’m so proud of the guides that have been out there helping and cleaning up. These guys are heroes, that deserve so much. This effort will be rewarded in the future, that is how it works.

Thank you to the anglers that have donated waders for us to distribute to people in need. We will remember that when you need to replace them in the future. When people work together, good things happen my friends.

I wish everyone to be safe during these difficult times. If anyone needs help, our team is committed to assisting or connecting however we can.



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