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Conservation of all species in our region is a top priority.

Sturgeon Monitoring


Since 1978, Fred's has been sharing the White Sturgeon story with anglers from around the world. Situated in our own backyard, the mighty Fraser River and Harrison River are home to these incredible ancient fish. Growing to over 1000 lbs, they can live over 150 years and reach lengths of nearly 13 feet. These amazing fish are incredibly tough, impressing anglers with riveting jumps and turbocharged runs requiring reels with powerful drags can handle.

Our team was also a pioneer in developing the Sturgeon tagging and monitoring programs, operated in conjunction with the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society and the Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association. The monitoring and assessment program tracks the population health of this prehistoric species and provides critical data for resource management. Playing a vital role in the long-term survival of this amazing species.


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