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Around a month ago, I talked about the current demise of the Interior Fraser River steelhead populations (Thompson and Chilcotin Rivers) and asked you to sign a PETITION so the angling community can come together to do something about it. That particular petition has gained tremendous amount of media attention in the past four weeks. It is bitter sweet. On one hand, it’s fantastic to finally see the public being concerned about a species that really don’t have a whole lot of value to human beside sportfishing. On the other hand, it is sad that we had to wait until this stage to finally take action. This week, my colleague Eric Taylor at UBC has also shared his concerns on these steelhead pop

Fisheries Minister Responds to e-Petition

E-petition to save Thompson steelhead an overnight success Fisheries Minister is compelled to formally respond to steelhead e-petition NEWS RELEASE December 18, 2017 Steelhead Society of British Columbia An e-petition demanding tough federal action to save collapsing steelhead populations in the upper Fraser River system is an immediate success, the Steelhead Society of British Columbia announced Monday. The e-petition attracted 500 signatures — the minimum threshold for compelling a formal response by the Trudeau government — less than 24 hours after posting to Canada’s Parliamentary website on Friday December 15, 2017. Titled “e-1416 (Fishing Industry)” the e-petition will be online and

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