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noun, Angling. 1. The act or technique of casting with an artificial fly as the lure, the rod used being longer and more flexible than that used in bait casting.

noun, Angling. 1. The act or technique of casting an artificial or natural lure attached to a silk or nylon line wound on a reel having a revolving spool, the rod used being shorter and less flexible than that used in fly casting.

Video Lessons

Orvis Fly Fishing

Orvis Fly Tying

Rio Trout Lines

Rio Knots

How to Catch & Release

Take Photos like a Pro

Bonus Information

Redington Spotting Fish Tips

Redington The Right Gear

Redington Rod Actions

Redington Fly Fishing Lingo


Video Lessons

Shakespeare Fishing 101

Shakespeare Essential Knots

How to Catch & Release

Take Photos like a Pro

Bonus Videos

Shakespeare How to Spool a Reel 

Shimano Reel Maintenance Tips

Fred on Floats

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