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January 18th, 2023


Chilliwack/Vedder River Report

January 18th, 2023

Walk-and-wade trip reservations are available for steelheading. Please contact our booking hotline at 604-835-3474 (FISH) or to book your trip today!

BOXING DAY STEELHEAD DERBY IS POSTPONED AGAIN UNTIL FOR JANUARY 22, 2023! Registration is open for anyone who did not register. Click here to sign up. Remember, every penny in registration fees goes directly to salmon and steelhead habitat restoration on the Chilliwack/Vedder River. 

The water is in excellent condition and the fish are bitey... but things can change in a heartbeat and the fish can zipper up. However, right now steelheading is spot on. 

You really have to regularly check the water levels and flow (doesn't hurt to follow us on Instagram for flow pics). We try to get a pic up on a daily basis.


The water has a bit of colour which makes tackle options quite broad - big soft beads, worms (yes please), gooey-bob + spin-n-glo, or big FCT jigs are good options. Generally speaking, the dirtier the water the bigger presentation you want to go with. Steelhead don't bite what doesn't insight a bite.

Wally Hall Jr. Memorial Steelhead Derby registration and Wrap-Up Raffle tickets are now available in-store or online at Click here to register and for more information


New to the Chilliwack/Vedder system? Pop into the Chilliwack store and talk to one of the boys and see what they would recommend.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where we are posting regular updates.

Please be aware of the regulations and how to identify your fish. Release all non-retention species properly. Please do not take them out of the water. A single barbless hook is very easy to remove. Stay within your limit.

Real Time Chwk River Level at Vedder Crossing

Click here for retention limits and up to date notices specific to Region 2 rivers

Fraser River Report

Novemer 28, 2022


There really isn't much in the way of chum or coho in the Fraser, with the closure on November 30th. Please see the links to FN1225 and FN1226 for details.



As the water

Shore fishing is much easier now that the beaches are showing. Be sure to have the right gear, and be ready to lose some tackle to snags. Use as light of a weight as the current will allow. When fishing a back eddy you can sometimes get away with 4 - 6oz weights.

Options for bait are all over the map - salmon parts, roe, lamprey, eulachons, pike minnow, and dew worms are all options. Some work better than others one day and then they can be completely different the next. If you know there are fish in the area, switch it up and keep moving.

Our calendar for guided sturgeon trips is filling up fast. Give our booking hotline a call at 604-835-FISH (3474) or email to book your adventure.

About Sturgeon

The incredible power and strength of these unique fish are demonstrated with acrobatic jumps, long hard pulling runs, and, most importantly, impressive durability. Making them one of the most exciting catch-and-release fisheries on the planet.

Many people have taken the time to educate themselves on the conservation and management efforts that the Sports fishing sector has dedicated over 20 years to ensure that these fish will be around for years to come. If you have never experienced a Sturgeon fishing excursion, we highly recommend you try this world-class fishery that is dedicated to conservation and sustainable fisheries for generations to come.

Please handle these prehistoric beasts with care and keep them in the water as much as possible. Our job is to keep an eye out for these fish and report your observations to the authorities immediately.

Real-Time Fraser River Level at Mission

Real-Time Fraser River Level at Hope

Real-Time Fraser River Level Near Agassiz

Albion Test Fishing Data

Click here for retention limits and up to date notices specific to Region 2 rivers


Harrison River Report

November 17, 2022

Plenty of coho are flipping around and lots of chum. The flow below the Hwy 7 bridge is slow making casting spoons and spinners, twitching jigs, or fly fishing good options. Up river from the Hwy 7 bridge is narrow and quicker, giving you more options. 

This is a great fishery for float fishing, twitching, casting spoons and spinners, backtrolling, swinging a fly, bar fishing, and casting & retrieving a fly. There is a lot of water where you'll find fish, including options for those with or without access to a boat.

Sturgeon fishing is always an option as these monsters cruise around looking for a salmon meal. Migrating salmon move up to the various rivers and streams that flow into Harrison Lake, making it easier for sturgeon to feed.

Be sure to check the Freshwater Salmon regulations for retention opportunities and boundary restrictions.

There are always resident char (catch and release only), trout and whitefish cruising around during the off-season. However, they are far more abundant during the Fall salmon season, and when the late Winter / early Spring salmon fry are moving through.

Chehalis River Report

November 17, 2022

Still fishing reasonably well for coho depending on where you're willing to go. This system is notorious for its late run of coho - as late as January.

Be sure to check out the Region 2 freshwater salmon regulations for details.

Stave River Report

October 21, 2022

Coho and chum are in. River is low but this rain should help encourage more fish.

Be sure to check out the Region 2 freshwater salmon regulations for details.

Nicomen Slough/Norrish Creek Report

November 17, 2022

Fishing the slough has been very good with coho moving in during an incoming tide. Could use some rain.

Be sure to check out the Region 2 freshwater salmon regulations for details.

Local Lakes Report

October 17, 2022

The Freshwater Fisheries folks have stocked our local urban lakes with catchables.

Interior Lakes Report

November 17, 2022

Finding open water is at a prem

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