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The Chilliwack/Vedder River will be opening July 1st for chinook retention, plus for exceptional trout, char, and whitefish opportunities.  

Message from Fred...

June 26, 2020

"Failure to act now on these realities will result in irrevocable consequences not only to hopes for recovery of stocks but to all fisheries, First Nation, public and commercial."... A very SPECIAL MESSAGE for everyone. Follow this link to read the latest message from Fred. 

Chilliwack/Vedder River Report

July 10, 2020

UPDATE... We're now taking reservations for Walk-and-Wade trips. Please contact either location for details.

The river is on its way down and getting fishier and fishier. The sockeye are working through the system, and, although lots of fun and very feisty, should be treated with kid gloves by getting them back on their way as quickly as possible. At this time of year, we highly recommend NOT dragging any fish out of the water unless it has been properly identified first.

There have been a few reports of red springs being caught. One of the smaller runs, reds are coveted for their beautiful meat and excellent flavour. Float fishing roe or wool is one of the more effective methods. Other effective options include back-trolling big flatfish or blades, and trolling spoons and blades in the lower Vedder. Be sure to check this link for all Region 2 openings / closures and retention limits.

This is also an awesome time of year to target rainbows, cutthroat, and char on the fly and light tackle spinning gear.

As always, be sure to pop into the Chilliwack store and talk to one of the boys (from 2M away) and see what they would recommend.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where we are posting regular updates.

Please be aware of the regulations and how to identify your fish. Release all non-retention species properly. Do not take them out of the water. A single barbless hook is very easy to remove. Stay within your limit.

Real Time Chwk River Level at Vedder Crossing

Click here for retention limits and up to date notices specific to Region 2 rivers

Fraser River Report

July 10, 2020

UPDATE: We're now taking bookings for guided sturgeon trips. Call 1-604-746-1481 to book your spot today.

Please take an opportunity to read our latest Message from Fred blog post which discusses some important topics anyone boating or fishing in the Lower Fraser should be aware of.

Fingers crossed but it appears "The Big Muddy" has reached her peak. It is critical that you take precautions to avoid debris and tug boat activity (read this special message for details). With generally warmer weather conditions, early summer sturgeon fishing can be very productive with eulachons, lamprey, and small roe balls. Fred has been out targeting juvenile sturgeon for tagging and tracking and has been pleasantly surprised at the number of fish, both big and small, he's hooked into. 

Shore fishing for sturgeon can be an excellent option as well. Although you can use a regular sturgeon outfit, a big sturdy spinning outfit can be excellent for getting extra distance. 

The incredible power and strength of these unique fish are demonstrated with acrobatic jumps, long hard pulling runs, and most important the impressive durability. Making them one of the most exciting catch-and-release fisheries on the planet.

Many people have taken the time to educate themselves on the conservation and management efforts that the Sports fishing sector has dedicated over 20 years to ensure that these fish will be around for years to come. If you have never experienced a Sturgeon fishing excursion, we highly recommend you try this world-class fishery that is dedicated to conservation and sustainable fisheries for generations to come.

Please handle these prehistoric beasts with care and keep them in the water as much as possible. Our job is to keep an eye out for these fish and report your observations to the authorities immediately. 

Real Time Fraser River Level at Mission

Real Time Fraser River Level at Hope

Real Time Fraser River Level Near Agassiz

Albion Test Fishing Data

Click here for retention limits and up to date notices specific to Region 2 rivers

Harrison River Report

May 19, 2020

We're reaching the end of the migration of salmon fry through the Harrison. There are still resident fish, rainbows and whitefish mostly, that will be game for a Troutbead, nymph, or small spinner / spoon.

Salmon season generally kicks in by mid-September and runs through to early November.

Chehalis River Report

June 23, 2020

Per FN0579, the Chehalis is now open for the retention of chinook salmon. Be sure to check the notice for details.

This has been a heritage fishery that we look forward to opening on June 1 (better late than never). Float fishing roe, or casting big spoons are the most popular options.

Stave River Report

May 19, 2020

It's that time of year when things warm up and heading to the Stave is a whole lot more pleasurable. Troutbeads, fry patterns, and small spoons are some of the go-to gear in search of cutthroat, rainbows, and whitefish.

Dewdney/Norrish Creek

December 28, 2019

This Fraser River backwater produces some beautiful Coastal cutthroat trout throughout the winter months, generally becoming more productive to fish closer to spring when the salmon fry start working their way out. The old Dolly Varden and Rocky Mountain Whitefish have been known to make appearances into the slough when the food source is around

Local Lakes Report

June 08, 2020

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please read this notice and let others know the significance of invasive species in our lakes and river systems. They are not welcome and practicing catch & release is not recommended for the longevity of our native fish.

Now that the Provincial and regional park boat launches are open, we can officially claim lake season has begun. This is a fabulous time of year to hit our local lakes. Those that have active spawning systems connected, such as Cultus, Alouette, Chilliwack, Chehalis, Harrison, etc. will have fry moving through or staging which usually translates into productive trolling of minnow type gear.

Kawkawa Lake is another great lake to fish this time of year for kokanee. Anchoring up and jigging, or trolling deeper waters are two go-to techniques.

The Freshwater Fisheries Society stock a number of easy access lakes which make awesome opportunities for families, younger anglers, and for a nice evening casting a line. Both gear and fly fishing work well in these lakes.

Interior Lakes Report

July 10, 2020

This is an interesting time of year for lake fishing in the Interior. With a smorgasbord of food options, there's really no one go-to method to speak of.

Dry fly fishing is always special because it is so visual. There's nothing like casting a dry fly to a rising fish - truly heart pounding.

Anyway, be sure to check out our blog post 10 Must Have BC Trout Flies for some ideas on what to have in the fly box.

Salt Water Report

June 08, 2020

Hello Fellow Anglers   


It has been at least couple months since my last newsletter in case you thought you may have missed one.  After all fishing charter operations got shut down in mid-March I didn't think it was all that necessary to be putting out an update for a bit.

You have also likely heard that on April 1st DFO implemented the same Chinook non-retention regulations that we saw last spring and summer. The one difference is that for many of the areas inside the Strait of Georgia the Chinook non-retention regulation is from April 1st until "further notice"; where as, last summer it was until July 15th.  The hope is that this year we will see an opening of some type occur prior to July 15th even if only for hatchery clipped Chinook. Of course with many things being shut down or scaled back due to Covid-19, it is hard to know just how diligently DFO is actually working on this, but word is that we may hear an announcement from them "shortly". I was hoping it was going to occur this past week, so I held off sending out this newsletter, but it never occurred, and Murphy's Law would typically work in a way that they won't put out their announcement until right after I send out a newsletter (so I'd have to send out another on its here is my newsletter

As of right now we do not have any indication as to exactly when their announcement will occur, or what they are going to announce. I will put out another newsletter once it happens if there is any news about our local waters. What we do already know is that the area off the mouth of the Fraser and south towards Victoria will remain closed until August 1st (as it did last summer).

On the positive side, I was finally able to open up again for charters on June 1st. We were all waiting for direction from WCB and Transport Canada as to protocols we  will have to implement in order to do charters, and that info came out within the last 10 days of May. We got together at the end of May and then put together a plan for opening up charters from Sewells.  Luckily, wearing a cloth mask has been officially recognized as being an appropriate safety protocol if you are going to be within 6 feet of other people because as you know, it would be basically impossible to operate my charters if we had to stay 6 feet away from each other at all times. FYI, Here is our Covid plan/protocols that we have put into effect in order to operate our charter businesses. Of course as the pandemic evolves, these protocols may also evolve somewhat. At this time, my 4 customer maximum is still in effect (there was a concern that my maximum number may have had to drop to 2).

  • Masks must be worn at all times

  • All exposed areas on the boat will be thoroughly cleaned/sanitized prior to the charter

  • Clients will be asked to bring out their own PPE and use it, this includes a minimum of a face masks and hand towel to dry their hands. (Gloves and eye protection is optional)

  • Clients will be debriefed on how to best optimize physical distancing. This will include but not be limited to; the best area to sit/stand and procedures for where to stand and deal with the catching of fish

  • Hand washing stations/sanitizing areas are provided in various locations on the vessel (it is preferred that customers use their own towels to dry their hands)

  • Extra PPE is available if any is lost or damaged or considered insufficient to meet the current standards

  • Fishing rods and other ‘multi-used’ equipment will be sanitizes or washed after being handled

  • Food and/or beverage sharing is discouraged

  • While travelling out to the fishing grounds, clients are asked to remain seated to ensure they do not encroach on others personal space

  • Washroom facilities are available but no other use of the below cabin space will be permitted

  • Customers are asked and reminded to maintain ‘Social distancing” on the dock and at the cleaning station

  • Customers will be encouraged to follow provincial protocols for travel to and from the dock

  • Contact info will be kept on file for 30 days from date of Charter

  • Payment for trip can only be made with one Credit Card


On the fishing side of things, the local Chinook fishery has been excellent all spring for those that have headed out for a bit of catch and release action. There have been lots of Chinook throughout Howe Sound and off south Bowen, and of course at this time of year, the Gulf Islands will also be very good as it is the peak timing for this area. While catch and release regulations are still in effect for Chinook, trips across to the Gulf Islands are usually a great option (weather permitting) as Lingcod are open in this area and there are also be a fair number of Coho around (retention of hatchery coho opened on June 1st).  

If you typically do a lot of catch and release fishing (as those of you who trout fish regularly typically do), now is a great time to get out on the water. There are very few other boats out fishing, and you may find yourself as the only boat fishing an area that would typically be crowded with fishing boats in a normal year.  I was fishing off Gabriola on Wednesday and while there were a couple other boats strictly fishing for bottom fish nearby, I think there was only one other guy who came trolling by us all day. Fishing was excellent by the way, as we landed, took a DNA samples, and released 8 legal Chinook (most in the mid-teens, and 7 were clipped hatchery fish), one undersize, and had a shot at another half dozen good fish in the roughly 3.5 hours that we trolled for Chinook.

It is also a good time to do some searching for Halibut (we tried for a bit without success on Wednesday). This isn't a species typically pursued or caught in the waters around Vancouver, but there have been quite a few more taken in recent years (usually by accident while salmon fishing), and it is time to start to try to dial in this species, as there could be quite a few more around than we think. My latest one was an "oversized" of about 145 cm that we released from the lower portion of Howe Sound last October. All the others I've caught were from the Gabriola area, though spots up along the sunshine Coast have also been producing them quite regularly for the last three or four years.

The commercial Prawn fishery started up this past Thursday. I don't think there are too many commercial guys fishing Howe Sound this year.  I will monitor where they are setting their strings of traps, and there may still be an opportunity to put out my prawn traps even during their opening.  Catches had diminished in recent months as there was heavy recreational effort outside Horseshoe Bay all spring, but there can still be some decent catches.  


2020 Charter rates are now in effect, and are as follows: For one person the 5 hour rate stays the same at $600 + GST, for 2 people it rises slightly to $635.00 + GST, for 3 people it will be $670 + GST, and for 4 people it is $720 + GST.  Additional hours are staying at $100.00 + GST.  

Remember to get your Fishing License if you don't already have it. The 2020 saltwater fishing licenses are available on-line from the Department of Fisheries.  You now have to purchase licenses on-line as they are no longer for sale in tackle shops and marinas unless they do it on-line for you.  This takes quite a bit of time, and often they will charge a "surcharge" for their time and printer costs. The following is a link to the DFO website where you can purchase your license.  Remember to get a salmon stamp as well as the basic license as the stamps are not available at the marina either. .  Also, when you buy your license, remember to print it out on paper and bring that with you when you go fishing. You still need to have a paper copy of your license with you while fishing in order to record your catch.

There is also the free BC Tidal Water Sportfishing App for smart phones and tablets. It has the updated regulations, species identification, a catch log, and the ability to display your license, though as of now you still need to have a printed paper copy of your license to record your catch with you when fishing. The hope is that soon we will switch to an electronic license, and be able to do away with the silly paper copies.

As always, feel free to pass this information along to any associates whom may appreciate the report.  I will be posting pictures and results of my fishing trips from out on the water with Instagram as they occur on both my Facebook and Twitter pages.  If you are interested in "following", my "name" is "salmonfishdave ( 

If you have any questions, or wish to book a charter, e-mail me, or call/text me at (604) 329 - 8642


Note:  If you see this report posted on my website and you didn't receive it directly like you use to, please send me an e-mail and I will put you back on the list.  If you wish to be removed from this e-mail list, please let me know and I will do so.

Tight Lines,


David Korsch
Predator Charters

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COVID-19 Update: We are now taking reservations for both walk-and-wade and guided boat trips. In addition, we've been taking measures to do the best we can to continue to provide retail services, including reducing hours at both locations. Please follow this link for the latest information. READ MORE >>

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