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It's steelhead and derby season here on the Chilliwack/Vedder River. Be sure to drop in and register for the Wally Hall Jr. Memorial Steelhead Derby. 

Chilliwack/Vedder River Report

February 14, 2020

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Fishing has been very steady over the past few days, with some big bucks taking over the lead on the derby board. The river is in fabulous shape and getting better every day. It's now below 2 meters at the Crossing which is outstanding. Finding some choice water will not be an issue in the foreseeable future. With any luck, we'll have a good balance of damp weather and dry days to keep things in check.

Some options to consider are spoons, Troutbeads, jigs, roe, and blades under a float. The water levels are now at a point where twitching a jig could be a good option depending on the flow you're working. As always, be sure to pop into the Chilliwack store and talk to one of the boys and see what they would recommend.

If you're a newby to steelheading, may we recommend going out with one of our guides for a 6 hour trip. You'll learn about rigging up, reading the water, what a proper presentation looks like, and other things that would otherwise take you years of on the water experience to learn.


For those of you looking to fish lighter tackle, things are especially looking good to fish flesh flies, egg patterns, and Troutbeads for opportunistic char and trout. We're getting close to fry season which will mean the cutthroat will also start their season hunt.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where we are posting regular updates.

Please be aware of the regulations and how to identify your fish. Release all non-retention species properly. Do not take them out of the water. A single barbless hook is very easy to remove. Stay within your limit.

Real Time Chwk River Level at Vedder Crossing

Click here for retention limits and up to date notices specific to Region 2 rivers

Fraser River Report

December 28, 2019

Winter sturgeon fishing has continued to be good. The smaller fish (6' and under) remain relatively active and can make for an enjoyable day. Be prepared to pull anchor often in search of moving fish.

Of note, we highly recommend using circle hooks this time of year as the juvenile sturgeon have a tendency to lay on their food, protecting it from other fish. This can lead to foul hooks, which can be negated using a circle hook.

Lamprey eel has been a successful option, as are roe sacks. We have both in the shop, including an excellent batch of uncured chum eggs available in vacuum-sealed bags.

The incredible power and strength of these unique fish are demonstrated with acrobatic jumps, long hard pulling runs, and most important the impressive durability. Making them one of the most exciting catch and release fisheries on the planet.

Many people have taken the time to educate themselves on the conservation and management efforts that the Sports fishing sector has dedicated over 20 years to ensure that these fish will be around for years to come. If you have never experienced a Sturgeon fishing excursion, we highly recommend you try this world-class fishery that is dedicated to conservation and sustainable fisheries for generations to come.

Please handle these prehistoric beasts with care and keep them in the water as much as possible. Our job is to keep an eye out for these fish and report your observations to the authorities immediately. 

Real Time Fraser River Level at Mission

Real Time Fraser River Level at Hope

Real Time Fraser River Level Near Agassiz

Albion Test Fishing Data

Click here for retention limits and up to date notices specific to Region 2 rivers

Harrison River Report

December 23, 2019

Not a whole lot of activity this time of year. Although you can get some productivity fishing flesh flies, egg patterns, and Troutbeads for yearning rainbows, cutthroat, char, and whitefish.

Chehalis River Report

December 28, 2019

This Canyon based river system receives a fair return of winter steelhead through mid-December to mid-April. This system has been known to produce some beautiful wild steelhead as well as the odd hatchery fish known to enter the river system during high water. The success rate on this river system is often determined by water height, the best time to fish this river is after heavy rainfall. 

Stave River Report

December 28, 2019

The Stave is a short hydroelectric damned river system which is heavily tide influenced, this river throughout the winter has Coastal Cutthroat, Rocky Mountain Whitefish and Hatchery winter steelhead. We'd suggest fishing for steelhead on this River at low tide, with more current speed at low tide the fish generally sit closer to shore. 

Dewdney/Norrish Creek

December 28, 2019

This Fraser River backwater produces some beautiful Coastal cutthroat trout throughout the winter months, generally becoming more productive to fish closer to spring when the salmon fry start working their way out. The old Dolly Varden and Rocky Mountain Whitefish have been known to make appearances into the slough when the food source is around

Local Lakes Report

December 08, 2019

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please read this notice and let others know the significance of invasive species in our lakes and river systems. They are not welcome and practicing catch & release is not recommended for the longevity of our native fish.

With the cooler weather comes a reduction in fishing opportunities. Some of the urban lakes will still offer up a bit of trout or bass fishing on the warmer Fall days.

Interior Lakes Report

December 08, 2019

Hard water season has begun, with many of the high altitude lakes available for fishing.​

Be safe out there, and check the regulations to make sure the lake you are intending on fishing is actually open.


Salt Water Report

January 20, 2020

Compliments of David Korsch @ Predator Charters. Click here for more about Predator, and their guiding services.

Well hopefully we have had our one major blast of winter weather and things will settle down and be a bit more reasonable for the rest of the winter.  If you haven't seen them, I posted a couple of videos of the weather in Howe sound on January 15th on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Pretty extreme!!! Pam Rocks recorded peak gusts of 73 kts and winds up around 70 kts for about 6 hours that afternoon, but I guess the actual peak recorded gust from somewhere in that area was over 80 kts (156 km/hr). I have never seen winds that strong in all my years on the waters of Howe Sound. The new marina breakwater came through it all with flying colours, and all is OK with my boat etc...

As it turns out, it looks like I will be continuing to work in the marina for the rest of the winter instead of doing construction up on the Sunshine Coast. The original dock building projects I was doing have taken a bit longer than originally anticipated, and a couple more have been added. All this means is that I am available to do charters basically any day and on very short notice (the only days I wouldn't be available are when we have a scheduled dock install taking place as they require quite a few people, so I can't abandon them).

With the recent nasty weather, there have been very few days where getting out fishing would have been possible, so there aren't any recent reports of how the fishing is at present.  However, we are now getting to that part of the winter which is typically considered the peak of the "winter Chinook fishery", and we should begin to see larger fish showing up in the catches on a more regular basis. The usual popular location in the lower Sound (Tunstall Bay, Grace Islands, the Waterfall, Hut Island, Gower Pt.) should all continue to produce well over the next 6 or 8 weeks, and now that we are into the middle of January, we will also see spots in the upper Sound also produce more consistently (Defence Islands, Porteau Cove, McNabb Ck.). for those wanting to do a longer trip across the Strait to the Gulf Islands, we should also see the action begin to pick up down off Porlier Pass, and around Silva Bay (Thrasher Rock and the Grande), though these spots may already have been producing better than usual as I have heard that the early winter results around Nanaimo have been significantly better than they have seen in recent years. 

If you do book a trip, remember that temperatures are typically colder on the water than on land, so you need to dress in layers. Also, warm insulated footwear is necessary as the cold often seeps up through our feet. I will be working the Boat Show again this year as usual (Feb 5th to 9th), so I won't be available for charter on those dates. If you are planning on attending the show, feel free to stop by the Scotty booth to chat, and I will also be one of the speakers again this year. I don't know the schedule of my talks yet, but usually, they are Friday through Sunday.   

Chinook limits are presently still set at 2 per person per day, and will likely stay that way through the winter. We don't know what the spring will bring, but it is hoped that the new Minister of Fisheries isn't the Trudeau puppet that Wilkinson was and that they make their decisions based on science rather than politics. The "science" dictates that a Chinook limit of "one and one" (one Chinook, and a second if it is a hatchery fish) in the Strait of Georgia will meet all the required parameters for escapement for the endangered early timed Chinook stocks. In actual fact, these particular stocks of concern are very rarely encountered by recreational anglers in the Strait of Georgia anyway as they make up less than 0.5% of the fish we catch (yes, you read that right...less than half a percent). Almost all of these fish are caught in the Fraser River with gill nets, so addressing this specific fishery with new fishing methods (weirs or fish traps where caught fish can be released unharmed if so desired) is a must if these stocks are to have any hope of rebuilding at all. Last season's springtime regulations were devastating to the recreational sportfishing industry and totally useless in that they didn't serve to help the Chinook stocks at all. My fingers are crossed that we don't see a similar regulation again this spring.

Prawning has continued to very good in recent weeks with only one or two "egged" females needing to be released each day.  I've had my traps "poached" a couple more times this winter, and I think I know the boat that is doing it (he was setting his gear near mine). subsequently, I moved my prawning location back to an area where I use to do it a few years ago, and the numbers are still good there as well. So far my traps haven't been "poached" in this location.

2019 Charter rates are still in effect for a bit longer, and the new 2020 rates will begin on March 1st, and are as follows: For one person the 5 hour rate stays the same at $600 + GST, for 2 people it rises slightly to $635.00 + GST, for 3 people it will be $670 + GST, and for 4 people it is $720 + GST.  Additional hours are staying at $100.00 + GST.


Remember to get your Fishing License if you don't already have it. The 2019 saltwater fishing licenses are available on-line from the Department of Fisheries.  You now have to purchase licenses on-line as they are no longer for sale in tackle shops and marinas unless they do it on-line for you.  This takes quite a bit of time, and often they will charge a "surcharge" for their time and printer costs. The following is a link to the DFO website where you can purchase your license.  Remember to get a salmon stamp as well as the basic license as the stamps are not available at the marina either. The new annual licenses start on April 1st, so if you are getting a license to go out on a trip before then it is likely best to just get a one-day license, and wait until after April 1st to get your annual license. Also, when you buy your license, remember to print it out on paper and bring that with you when you go fishing. You still need to have a paper copy of your license with you while fishing in order to record your catch.

There is also the free BC Tidal Water Sportfishing App for iPhones. It will have the soon to be updated regulations, species identification, a catch log, and the ability to display your license, though as of now you still need to have a printed paper copy of your license to record your catch with you when fishing. The hope is that soon we will switch to an electronic license, and be able to do away with the silly paper copies.

As always, feel free to pass this information along to any associates whom may appreciate the report.  I will be posting pictures and results of my fishing trips from out on the water with Instagram as they occur on both my Facebook and Twitter pages.  If you are interested in "following", my "name" is "salmonfishdave ( 
If you have any questions, or wish to book a charter, e-mail me, or call/text me at (604) 329 - 8642. 
Note:  If you see this report posted on my website and you didn't receive it directly like you use to, please send me an e-mail and I will put you back on the list.  If you wish to be removed from this e-mail list, please let me know and I will do so.
Tight Lines,
David Korsch
Predator Charters

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