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Holiday Message from Fred

As we near the end of a very challenging year with so many issues that affected so many people, it deserves some reflection on how we can collectively bring positive energy forward in the new year.

It was inspirational to see so many giving so much effort helping each other in times of need without self-indulgence. At Fred's, we appreciate the incredible people that put safety first, committed to helping and getting involved, no matter how difficult and complicated the challenges, after a barrage of unprecedented health concerns and environmental destruction.

Whether it was helping people, fish, or animals, or rebuilding infrastructure, we as a society came through as never before. We want to thank everyone that brought resources and selfless commitment in times of tremendous need.

I personally want to extend best wishes over the holidays and into the new year to you all. Let's remember that anything can be accomplished if we work and stay together, bringing care and understanding as we face today's realities and future hurdles.

A traditional Boxing Day Steelhead Derby will be held this year at Fred's in Chilliwack to raise funds for habitat restoration and allow anglers to get out for some clean fresh air and pursue an entirely new river after the recent devastating floods.

We will be offering great Boxing Week savings from December 26th through to January 2nd at both locations, and in our online store (

Happy holidays, and all the best in the New Year!

Hope to see you soon…



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