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World Class Catch & Release

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing

As one of the first guided sturgeon fishing operations on the Fraser River, Fred's has had the pleasure of helping thousands of anglers from around the world realize their dream of landing the true river monster.  A must for every angler's bucket list, these dinosaurs can measure over 12 feet in length and weigh in excess of over 1000 lbs,  some living over 150 years.


With spectacular acrobatic leaps and mindblowing runs, the power of these creatures is unimaginable. Surpassed only by the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with this prehistoric creature (maybe even swim with it).

At near extinction only a few decades ago, Fred helped pioneer the sturgeon tagging program, allowing for the protection and preservation of this marvellous species. 

Our boats are equipped with special slings to care for the fish while we handle the scanning, tagging, and data recording of the sturgeon you catch. Providing critical scientific data, a unique component of our sports fishery.

Book a sturgeon fishing experience of a lifetime!

Call or text our booking hotline at 604-835-3474 (FISH) or email

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