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Message from Fred (12.21.20)

Our team at Fred’s want to send our best wishes to everyone over the holidays. Please remember that despite the challenging times over the past year, we should be thankful for the incredible efforts, selfless dedication, and ongoing commitment from our health care and front line service people. Without this incredible effort, our lives would be even more restricted and at risk. God bless all of them.

As 2021 rolls in, so does a ray of hope that begins to shine in the near distance. If people just commit to doing the right things to be safe and respectful to each other, the incredible gift of vaccines is not far away. Think about what happens when a commitment to working together is the priority - a vaccine in less than 1 year! Just say thank you to everyone that made this happen. The world is a bit messed up right now, but let's look at the positive side and work through the difficulties together.

We live in one of the most incredible places on earth. Get outdoors and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the Fraser Valley. On Boxing Day we are running the tradition of the Boxing Day derby (under the Wally Hall Jr memorial fundraising effort) that you can participate in with all the safety protocols in place. Prizes for every fish weighed in.

I invite you to visit our online store - ! Enjoy a huge selection of top brand name products, boxing holiday gift suggestions, and amazing savings. We are offering a free FCT plus membership until Dec 31st.

At Fred’s, we are totally invested in our efforts to defending the public fishery. Check out what the Fraser River Sportfishing Alliance is doing to secure this extremely important opportunity for recreational anglers and the general state of our precious fisheries. Click here to visit the FRSA website, or here to find out more about the GoFundMe fundraising opportunity.

All the best to everyone,


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