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Boating Etiquette

Fellow anglers, I reach out to the boating community in an effort to address some of the concerns regarding boating etiquette on our local rivers. It is important to adhere to the rules of boating on our local waters. More importantly, it is a simple matter of respect and consideration to others that are trying to enjoy a day on the river or along the banks. Nobody likes being tossed around or splashed onshore if it's avoidable. I have seen many and heard lots about the number of boats and shore anglers that get waked by boaters that are oblivious to the large wake that rock and swamp others. It could be that you just really don’t care or just don’t understand how this impacts others, and that is a problem. Common sense and common courtesy should be used whenever you are on the water. Slow down! Pay attention to your wake! If you need to pass close by others, no-wake rules are the best option. Please remember that slowing down partially can produce even larger wakes that can create unpleasant boating experiences and danger. Don’t do it! Running past other boats at high speed is okay if you give them space. If you are not sure, go slow. Please. Let's all enjoy the water safely and with consideration. Please. Fred Helmer

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