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75th Annual Boxing Day Steelhead Derby 2019

Paul Watton 10.66lb Doe

Although the Chilliwack River was in perfect shape, it was very tough fishing with only one steelhead weighed in. Paul Watton's 10.66lb doe won him the trophy for the first fish and the largest fish.

Hopefully, this is only a sign of fish coming in later than usual.

If you're planning on participating in the Wally Hall Jr. Memorial Steelhead Derby, be sure to register in advance either in person or by calling one of our stores.

1 Yorum

Fred it's time to end boxing day derby and go back to its origens the vedder river stealhead derby which started I 1938 that's when the fish are in I feel all sports shops may like to keep boxing day derby for there year end but that's not the way its started Please support the original historic records thanks

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