10 Must Have BC Trout Flies for Lakes

BC Interior lake season is usually in full swing from late-April to late-October, and one of the most common questions we get asked is "Which flies do I bring up this weekend?". Although there are some flies that seem to work better in lakes at certain times of the year, these 10 MUST HAVE fly patterns should adorn every fly anglers box in a variety of sizes and colours.


Folk lore has it that John Kent designed this fly during his tenure at Tunkwa Lake. Whatever it's origin, it is a go to fly on pretty much any BC lake. They work well both trolled, and cast and stripped.


When fish are picking off chironomids higher up in the water column, chromies are a must.

Ice Cream Cone

Most die-hard anglers will have these in a broad range of colours (red, black, grey, green, olive, and brown to name a few) and sizes - from an 18 scud style to a 10 in a curved nymph hook. Starting off with a black silver rib, in a size 16 or 14 curved style nymph, should get you going.


Second only to chironomids, scuds make up a huge portion of a trout's diet. They work really well cast, and then retrieved in short bursts. It's also a good pattern to troll slooooooooooooowly in a row boat, pontoon, or kick boat.