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Message from Fred

January was not nice to us this year with nasty winter conditions and lots of rain. Usually, I’m in Cabo enjoying the standard 25-30 degrees and sun every day. Let's hope the worst has past and some nicer weather is coming soon.

Despite the tough conditions, there were a surprising number of dye hards out on the water. The Steelhead numbers were low but recently some nice fish have shown up making some anglers very happy. A major slide at the ranger run has everyone concerned as these events have created historical problems of water clarity and concern about the clay sediments that have negative impacts on the health of the river and the balance needed in the environment for the fish. It has been interesting that despite the potential trouble the river has stayed in reasonably good condition with some nice catches daily. Unfortunately, the latest deluge has the river completely blown out on Feb 1st. The levels will drop with colder temperatures but it may take time to clean up. Keep your fingers crossed.

With the dismal days, our shop time has been spent receiving new products for 2020, clearing some older items at great savings and getting ready for the Tradex show in March. We will have a big pleasant surprise for the angling community this year and the Sportsman show deals will be on at both locations this year. Stay tuned.

In our spare time, haha, we have been very involved with many of the concerns of our dwindling fish stocks and restricted opportunities to go fishing. It is unfortunate that most people are unaware of just how critical the situation is today. The scary reality is what is being done in the big scheme of things to avoid disastrous consequences that we see happening right in front of our eyes at an alarming rate of decline.

The annual Boxing Day derby got some attention this year. 332 anglers hit the perfect condition Chilliwack/Vedder in hopes of hooking and landing a nice hatchery Steelhead. It was not only disappointing that there was only 1 fish entered for the day. The question begs, what is happening to our Steelhead runs, especially the early run fish. If we go back to the days when fish were abundant and things seemed less complicated, it makes one wonder where this is heading and what can be done to avoid what seems to be a disappointing outcome.

After forty years of trying to understand fish management, taking on initiatives and projects to help fish, the environment and protect habitat, I have come to the conclusion that the demands in our changing world will require immediate attention from all of us if we expect healthy and sustainable fisheries in the future.

This serious issue has become overly complicated and bureaucratic over the years and our government is struggling more than ever to develop a plan of action. The question is, what can be done differently to save our fisheries and prevent serious consequences for the province of B.C.

I hope that we soon realize that we have to get involved immediately and stop thinking that things will magically resolve itself. This will be devastating to all fishing future. There are organizations that are very committed to bring people together and help the government to develop strategic plans and priorities before it is too late. It is time to stop overfishing and abusing our fisheries. Its time to put the fish first, help Mother Nature in a time of need with progressive and creative thinking with a commitment of working collectively and in co-operation towards solutions to the growing problems that face us more than ever.

The Fraser River Sport Fishing Alliance has worked very hard to bring organizations, government and the general public to the table and start on plans to avoid the predicted bleak consequences of inaction.

The recent big bar slide on the Fraser is now being addressed due to the collective efforts from numerous bodies that FRSA has been very engaged in.

Please contact FRSA today, we need your help and support - buy a membership or donate funds. Without your involvement we will further declines in fish and opportunity. The fish need your help now!!!



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