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Message from Fred (11.11.20)

Remember all our fallen hero’s... today, tomorrow, and always. They gave their lives so you can have yours.


The past few months have been extremely busy at Fred’s with many people getting outdoors to enjoy some of the great fishing opportunities in our local rivers and lakes. With the cooler temperatures arriving, we are seeing fewer numbers out but the fishing continues to be worthwhile.

In September we launched the online store, This “new” version of our store allows us to expand our services across the country. We are adding products each week for your shopping pleasure where you can join the FCT plus membership for free until the end of the year. If you sign up as a member you will receive the benefit of promotions, deals, clear-outs, and bonuses with your purchases. We will be working on many options for your benefit over the next couple of months.

In September the Fraser River Sportfishing Alliance pushed DFO hard for consideration of a Chinook opening or at least an open dialogue about the state of affairs and the response was clear. DFO is not interested in working with the Public fishery that are the most dedicated conservation-minded people on the planet. This is a serious issue that is only going to get worse and will result in fewer fishing opportunities for the recreational anglers and ultimately a total failure for sustainable fisheries for everyone and future generations. FRSA is committed to addressing this situation in the court, politically or if possible using open and honest discussions that will allow an overdue strategy to do better. Please join and support this effort today.

COVID-19 is another serious issue that is impacting us at Fred's and the customers we serve. The rules and regulations pertaining to protecting everyone are dictated by government health authorities. At Fred's, we approach this as a team to do the very best for our customers and our staff. We ask that you respect the rules that we have to follow in order to stay open to serve you and keep you and our team safe. It may seem inconvenient to follow the simple rules but definitely worth saving anyone from getting ill or dying during this horrible pandemic.

We wish you the best fishing days ahead. Enjoy and be safe.



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