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Message from Fred (09.24.20)

The fall season has arrived with the typical weather swings that include rain, wind, and cooler temperatures. If you are a river angler that is prepared with the proper gear for the unpredictable conditions, you can enjoy some of the best fishing of the year. The rains encourage huge runs of Coho, Chinook, and Chum into the local waters such as the Chehalis, Chilliwack/Vedder, Harrison, Dewdney, and Stave. These popular destinations provide a variety of species and techniques for your fishing enjoyment. I have listened to the outcry from hundreds of anglers that have been patiently waiting for the conservation concerns to subside that would allow more fishing opportunities along the Fraser River. When an abundance of Chinook showed in the test fisheries in late August that allowed fisheries that produced tens of thousands of fish to be harvested for most of September, it was a clear message that the public fishery in the river had zero consideration. This reality is a serious issue that anglers are now demonstrating that this has to change. The failed management of the Fraser River has eliminated some of the best opportunities in the Fraser Valley with no sign of improvement for the future. It is very apparent that anglers who have the least impact on the resource are being unfairly treated. The group that is the most dedicated to conservation and advocating towards addressing the major negative impacts, are ignored, dismissed, and blamed for the horrible state of the mighty Fraser River. FRSA (Fraser River SportFishing Alliance) is an organization that is dedicated and will stand united for this long-overdue change. FRSA includes all parties that do want to see a better future for sustainable fisheries for all. This is critical, something DFO refuses to consider or appreciate. FRSA is fully committed to seeing this through. It's our only hope. Please join them today. The future depends on your support. Fred


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