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Message from Fred (09.04.20)

I want to thank the people that have supported our good friend Tom Baker and his wife Corrine that lost everything in a recent fire. They barely made it out of a burning inferno with their 2 dogs. We are doing everything possible to get them back on their feet after this devastating event. Thank you, thank you...

On September 9th, the FRSA (Fraser River Sportfishing Alliance) has organized a “Demonstration Fishery” for the day. The purpose of this event is to demonstrate to DFO and others that the opportunity to fish on the Fraser River can and should be allowed during times of abundance. The Chinook numbers were high enough to allow gill net fishing that has taken thousands of Chinook with some disturbing incidental catches of Sockeye and Sturgeon. The DFO decisions to completely shut the recreational fishing down is flawed beyond any common sense. The lack of consideration with the impact on species of concern using a proposed traditional bar fishery was dismissed by DFO completely. The rational strongly suggests that DFO has painted itself in a corner that allows political agendas to override good decision making and prudent management.

The public fishery is being destroyed! I thank the leadership within the recreational fishing community. They have been dedicated, patient and considerate to all parties despite being treated unfairly. Thanks to the many supporters that are busting their butts to address this crisis. These people deserve and big “Thankyou!!!” This year is nearly over but the fight to save our fishery is ongoing. The key is to work together and develop and recovery plan. This plan will require a major change in DFO strategy and policies or we will see a total decimation of the public fishery and likely other fisheries as well.

Most people that understand and witness the errors and poor decisions by our government and DFO are beyond frustrated. There needs to be a change. Please support FRSA for standing up for the public sector. They are committed and need your help to protect the fish and opportunities for the future.



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