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Message from Fred (07.05.21)

I just want to thank everyone for the incredible support that we have received from our customers and followers during the challenges over the past 18 months. At Fred's, our team is dedicated to providing the very best to our customers including our huge commitment to the future of public fisheries recognition and importance.

With the good news of 654 million dollars coming from the federal government, it’s an indication that the sad reality is now acknowledged that our fisheries need help. It will be extremely important that the public takes this opportunity to ensure that healthy and sustainable fisheries will be a priority for all British Columbians.

There is no question that political agendas will continue to influence how these funds will be allocated and how the vital strategic rebuilding plan will be prioritized. So, my angling friends, this is the time be get involved and voice your concerns so the recreational sector is not forgotten or dismissed - something that is more than concerning if you are paying attention to what is happening at the present time.

A number of very dedicated organizations have worked tirelessly to bring some common sense into the conversation about the future and how do we ensure that healthy and sustainable fisheries for all British Columbians will be the mandate. The Fraser River Sport Fishing Alliance (FRSA) and the Fraser Valley Salmon Society (FVSS) have joined forces with the new Public Fishery Alliance (PFA) in efforts to develop coordination and cooperation with other organizations in positive and productive ways. Together, forward-thinking will allow better options using advancements in technology, selective fishing, better management so the new funding is utilized effectively, efficiently, and fairly.

Fundraising opportunities will be announced soon to support this very important effort. Please join us in ensuring a better future for British Columbians. Support the PFA today!

Fishing provided at least a little solitude and relief for people during these difficult times over the past months. More options and fewer restrictions are happening. The opportunities are opening up with guided trips available for a fishing experience of a lifetime. Salmon, Trout, and Sturgeon fishing venues are considerations on the Fraser, Chilliwack/Vedder, Chehalis, and Harrison rivers. Get out there and enjoy. If you need advice or you want to book a trip, give us a call.

Good fishing….



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