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Message from Fred (06.25.20)

I want to express my wishes that all of you are safe and healthy during these challenging times. As we approach phase 3 in an attempt to open more normal activities, I hope it's done with respect to each other, and all efforts are used in keeping as safe as possible.

At Fred's we have appreciated the tremendous support to our business and the staff. It's an honour to serve you and we are trying to do our best under extraordinary conditions.

We are offering guided trips again on the local rivers. Sturgeon fishing has been decent despite the very high river conditions. We have also been out tagging fish for conservation and scientific research and getting some interesting data and some very nice Sturgeon.

We have worked on creating an online store for the past weeks and will soon be offering this venue to our customers in early July. In the mean time you can call in or email orders if you can not make it into the shop. We appreciate this and make it a priority to ensure the orders provide a top level of service and value.

The Chilliwack River will open JULY 1ST. We expect the river to have some nice species including some early Chinook. The first week or two produces only a few of these prized fish but they are definitely worth seeking. Other species like Dollies, Cutthroat, Rainbow, and a few others can make for a pleasurable outing.

It is no secret that the recent fisheries notices are disappointing and concerning on the Salt and Freshwater opportunities for Salmon. The lack of consideration and unjustified policies DFO continues to impose on the public sector are destroying an important social and economic component of Canadian society.

The Fraser River is in serious trouble, the alarming declines of salmon and Steelhead deserve and require immediate attention.  Our priceless heritage and fishing legacy are in jeopardy and could be lost forever. The Fraser River is of critical importance to not only the many ecosystems that are affected by its health and productivity but all the communities along and near its banks and on the West coast.

Efforts from a number of organizations are hopeful to address this injustice and total failure of government to manage or deal with the overwhelming concerns from the public fishery sector. It is our hope that a recovery plan will be instituted and the necessary resources provided immediately before it's too late.

Just the Fraser in-river public fishery was estimated at over 100 million dollars annually and is now reduced to near zero. Opportunity that is so vital to our community is being eroded or eliminated each year.  A way and means to provide opportunity for the public fishery and First Nations must be sought actively, immediately, and collaboratively.  Utilizing existing hatchery production and marking all production would provide an opportunity and a method to identify wild fish and protect them. Failure to act now on these realities will result in irrevocable consequences not only to hopes for the recovery of stocks but to all fisheries, First Nation, public and commercial.

You can help by contacting your MP, MLA and local government to express these concerns and support members of a growing coalition that include, FRSA, SFI, FVAGA, FVSS, and the BCFDF.

Our future depends on your involvement. If you have given up and willing to watch our precious fisheries disappear, I’m hopeful that the people that are passionate, dedicated, knowledgable, and caring will carry us through to better times. More fish and opportunities for us all.

Tight Lines,



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