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Message from Fred (01.31.21)

We are now into the 2021 new year where many of us are hoping to forget about the nightmares of 2020. The impact on so many of our friends and families due to the horrific complications of COVID-19 will be hard to dismiss, as we seek the light at the end of a long tunnel. Let's keep our heads up and hope this all works out sooner than later. As fishermen say, being optimistic is the key to success.

With the many rules to restrict the spread, it also restricts the things we love to do. Luckily for many of us, fishing being an outdoor activity does allow us to get outside and enjoy life and a favourite pastime. My walks along the lower river have been wonderful, seeing so many people out walking, fishing, and enjoying life.

The habitat improvement projects along this section of river are amazing. The success story of so many that helped support this work is truly inspiring, knowing that these projects are the result of committed partnerships in the angling community, volunteers, and government agencies. It makes me very proud to be so involved in these incredible projects for fish habitat.

The continued efforts of the Fraser River Sportfishing Alliance is building more partnerships that are necessary for healthy sustainable fisheries for the future. The Fraser Valley Salmon Society is partnered in the GoFundMe page that has surpassed the 40K mark and growing. There are additional items that can be won with a donation for you to consider and help build the fund.

People have been asking what the funds are being used for. It's for a legal fund to stand up to the mistreatment of anglers along the Fraser River. Anglers have lost opportunities and the right to freely express concerns over having lost access to one of the largest Salmon producing rivers on the planet.

It's for gathering scientific data supporting management decisions for fair and equitable regulations that should provide opportunities when abundance in returns are available.

It's to consolidate the efforts to restore the dialogue in an inclusive and transparent process that is reasonable and respects the rights of the public fishery.

It's about conservation measures and a strategic plan to address the alarming declines of Salmon and Steelhead over the past ten years. It is time we seriously address the growing major impacts such as climate change, predation, non-selective and illegal fishing that is destroying the social and economic foundation of so many citizens of this great province.

It's about the future of our fisheries and the next generations for every British Columbian. The future is in our collective hands. Please join the cause before it is too late for recovery. Time is running out. Your children are depending on it.


Concerned angler...

FCT, Partnered FRSA organizations and all concerned citizens together.

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