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Message from Fred

Still fishing here in Cabo. Despite a few wild days of wind and rain, things are good down here.

I have my team at Fred's working very hard to offer our customers the best Black Friday sale ever. We are giving a 10% Off promotion on all rods and reels with only a few exceptions. You will see discounts up to 60% off on rods, reels, waders, clothing, electronics, tackle, and accessories. Do not miss this event for big savings, from Wednesday, November 27th to Saturday, November 30th.

This year was a challenge for everyone that enjoys going fishing or makes a living from recreational fishing. It seems that things are not improving for a long term committed plan to a healthy and sustainable fishery. This is not only a disappointment, its a disgrace and an embarrassment. The entire world has looked at British Columbia as a destination, a place of stunning beauty and phenomenal resources. Our reputation is being eroded to the point that on lookers just shake theirs heads in disbelief and wonder how it is possible to destroy such an incredible venue with so little commitment from government and managers who are responsible for this disaster.

I have always said that, we the people can change this, we can make a difference and the time is now. I see tremendous effort by recreational groups to address the serious issues that government is ignoring or incapable of addressing.

Organizations such as SFI, BCWF, BCFDF, FVAGA, FVSS and FRSA, to name a few, are committed to working in a co-operative manner to bring improvements and change to avoid complete failures. A situation that seems oblivious to our federal government and a lack of co-operation with our provincial managers.

It is easy to give up hope as I know many people have expressed their frustration and disbelief to me. Please remember that giving up means our future fisheries will suffer further. Thompson River Steelhead are nearly extinct and desperately need our help. All we see is the same idiotic decisions and a complete lack of effort to avoid this horrible reality.

Please support one or all of the groups I have mentioned to ensure that your voice is heard. The sooner the better my friends. Time is running out. Sign up for FRSA at the shop when you drop by.


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