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Letters: Fraser River anglers deserve to be allowed to fish

The closure of the Fraser River to recreational salmon fishing represents a very significant hardship to the many businesses that are dependent on this fishery. It’s estimated that the fishery in years of stock abundance exceeds $100 million in revenues to local communities. Equally important is the loss of family opportunities to enjoy this priceless Canadian heritage.

The Fraser River Sportfishing Alliance recognizes and supports conservation concerns for chinook and sockeye stocks. We also

the constitutional priorities of First Nations. But we demand that our rights as Canadian citizens be recognized and that our fisheries be opened immediately, as other priorities have been addressed and plentiful stocks of pink salmon are now entering the system.

Continued erosion of our fishing opportunities is a great concern, jeopardizing the fishing future for our children and grandchildren. This heritage must be preserved.

Rod Clapton, chairman, Fraser River Sportfishing Alliance

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