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Fishing Report


FISHING REPORT for July 28th, 2015

Important Notice: The Government of B.C. is suspending angling in streams and rivers throughout most of the South Coast due to warming water temperatures and low stream flows. The closure has a number of exceptions of larger streams with flows and temperatures currently suitable for a sustainable recreational fishery. These exceptions are for the following river mainstems: the Fraser (non-tidal portion), Chilliwack-Vedder, Harrison, Lillooet, non-tidal Squamish, non-tidal Pitt, Elaho, Cheakamus, Capilano (downstream of Highway 1 bridge) and Mamquam (downstream of CN railway bridge). However, the tributaries of these named exceptions are closed.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: From the confluence of the Sumas and Vedder to the boundary markers at the Fraser River is considered the Sumas River and is closed to fishing.

Spring fishing continues to be good, with guys even hooking them on the fly. There doesn't seem to be any particular "hot spot" or area, as the fish are well distributed through the system.

Here are a few tackle recommendations for targeting salmon:

  • Float fishing techniques are one of the most popular methods for fishing springs. With typical tackle including roe, egg sacks, prawns, wool, and jigs. The key is getting in front of these fish that like to sit in deep guts.

  • Bar rigs with spin'n'glos and roe are another bank fishing option.

  • If you have a boat and will be trolling, Gibbs T-spoons, Gibbs Koho spoons, Gibbs Kitimats, BC Steel, and Bent Rod Cascade trolling spinners are all good options.

  • Back trolling from a boat with Flatfish, Kwikfish, and Brad's Wigglers is becoming more and more popular.

  • If you're swinging a fly for chinook go with something chartreuse or even an oversized olive wooly bugger. Go deep 

Trout fishing (that includes juvenile steelhead) on the other hand has been exceptional. There are plenty in the system, and they are willing participants. For gear use small spoons, spinners, or eggs.
Fly fisherman can match the hatch with small caddis dries, Adams, etc., or go with egg patterns, or nymphs (copper johns, hares ear, prince nymphs, stone imitations, caddis imitations, etc.). A floating line is all you need here as the river is low and trout generally will usually feed above where they lie.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The closure of the chinook fishery on the Fraser has been extended to July 31st. Please check back regularly or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

Sturgeon fishing has been very good throughout the river. Bring a few different bait options - lamprey, eulachons, salmon parts, or roe. Try out Pro-cure Sturgeon and Garlic scents before leaving a hole and see what climbs on your hook!

Haven't heard much lately from the Harrison. Most anglers are either headed for the lakes or waiting on salmon season. There are plenty of resident trout and white fish to keep the fly or light tackle gear angler happy. This river doesn't kick in now until September when the salmon opens.

Other Local Rivers

Stave River... Closed until further notice.

Chehalis River... Closed until further notice.

Squamish River... The pinks have invaded this system. Remember that they are heavily affected by tidal conditions, and since they come up in schools it can be red hot or non-existent. For lures you want pink, pink, and more pink - jigs with grubs, spinners, spoons, zingers, buzz bombs, etc. Flies on this system should be BIG and pink. By big we're talking 3" of gnarly pinkdom. You'll want to swing the fly as opposed to stripping. If something rips in front of their face they will grab it. Also, be sure to use heavy sink tips to get down in front of the fish - 5 - 7.5 of T-8 to T-14 depending on the water conditions should about do it.  We have the 30' RIO InTouch (T-8, T-11, T-14, T17) tips in stock that allow you to cut to whatever length works for you.

Fraser Valley Lakes

Kawkawa Lake... Summer on Kawkawa can be fun but challenging with the amount of recreational activities in the area. Kokanee fishing will run up and until its closure but you definitely have to get down.

Sasquatch Park Area... These lakes will do well through the summer. Warmer weather always dictates fishing deeper.

Chilliwack Lake... With the salmon fry starting to show themselves the cutthroat, dollies and kokanee will begin coming out to feed.

Cultus Lake... Highly under fished, Cultus Lake offers awesome opportunities for cutthroat, and dollies. The kids will have a great time from shore with a bobber and bait (worms, Pautzke Balls-o-fire, and PowerBait are staples) fishing for coarse fish, and even cutthroat.

Jones Lake... For gear you can't go wrong with wedding bands, Bingo Bugs, Flatfish, RoosterTails, and Hilldebrandts. On the fly go with mini/microleeches, spratleys, woolly buggers, and fry patterns like rolled muddlers.

Interior Lakes

A bit of a change of pace now on our interior lakes. Temperatures have been warm for a good stretch and that's a game changer. Lakes that were once chironomid crazy have drifted to a broader spectrum of bugs. So what does this mean? Bring all of your options when you go - chironomids, mayflies, damsels, dragons, scuds, leeches, boobies (not a bug but a weapon) and sedge patterns. And bring all of your lines - floating, intermediate, type 3, type 5, type 6, and type 7 (the latter 3 being somewhat interchangeable).

Give us a call if you have any questions about a particular lake that you're going to. We get info from customers that go to many different lakes and we may be able to point you in the right direction.

Vancouver Saltwater Report

The local salt water fishing has perked up over the last few weeks with good catches of coho off the West Vancouver shoreline from the mouth of the Capilano to Pt. Atkinson. Coho and chinook are stacking in these areas as the water level in the Cap is far too low to allow them up. This is good news for us saltwater anglers but not such good news for the river anglers. Lots of herring and crab larvae in the area that the fish are feeding heavily on. We are noticing full stomachs of crab larvae on the coho we are catching. The most productive depths have been 30' to 90' and the usual coho tackle is working. White hoochies, pink and white hoochies, blue and white hoochies, pink or red apex or small coho killer spoons are all working well with short leaders and trolled fast. This time of year there is lots of traffic fishing the mouth of the Capilano so be respectful of others and follow the pattern the guide boats are doing to make it easier on everyone.

Howe Sound:
We are still having good luck in Howe Sound with decent catches of fat chinook and the odd pink. Hole in the Wall is producing good numbers of nice size fish most days. Anchovy or herring in teaser heads, spoons in 3"-4" and a wide variety of hoochies are all catching fish. Porteau Cove, Britannia and Sunset Beach are all producing as well. In the next few weeks we will see a big push of pink salmon in Howe Sound and trolling, casting or jigging for them with anything pink is a blast. We find a big school of jumping fish and stop the boat and cast pink wobbler spoons or buzz bombs to them with great success. Trolling is still the best method with red flashers and short leaders to pink squirts.

Gulf Islands:
Still descent fishing over in the Gulf Islands but local knowledge is paying off for local guides and anglers. We are finding the fish very deep this year, depths as far down as 300'. This is difficult to fish on the best of days so heavy cannon balls is a must to accurately fish these depths. Don't bother with bait at that depth but use glow hoochies and glow spoons so you know your gear is working. Not all fish are this deep as we are still catching chinook as shallow as 50' on structure. Ling fishing has remained good and the odd Halibut is being dragged up off the sand flats off Gabriola. July is still a very good month to fish these areas.

We are crossing our fingers we will see an opening soon for salmon off the Fraser River as we believe there are big numbers of chinook staging off the mouth. Lots of great fishing to come for July and August so get out there and enjoy our local fishing.

Report by:
Dan MacLeod
Pursuit Sport Fishing Charters

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