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Fishing Report


May 22/16




It was a very difficult decision to close our Chilliwack Store on April 11th. After 39 great years, Fred has decided to focus his efforts into one store in Abbotsford. We know this is a shock to our huge customer base and we hope you will continue to support us at our 5000 square foot super store. Our commitment is to provide the very best in customer service, price and selection of quality products to the Fraser Valley angling community. The Chilliwack location has endured some major changes over the year and finally the current situation is dictating a change. At 61 years, Fred feels its time to simplify his life and enjoy some more fishing time. Thanks to everyone that has shown us a tremendous amount of support and understanding during this transition.

 Chiliwack/Vedder River  

The Chilliwack River is now closed to all fishing until July 1st. There is a fly fishing only restriction allowed from the Vedder Bridge downstream for the month of May. Please check your regulations to ensure you are following the rules. All trout and char must be released unharmed. If you hook into Steelhead kelts be sure to take extra care in releasing these fish. These fish are trying to make it back to the ocean after spawning. They are exhausted and vulnerable to harm if not handled properly. The Vedder will also close on June 1st for all fishing for the month. This closure is to help protect the migration of young Steelhead smolts and downstream migrating kelts. The river generally has good flows and lots of water to fish. The cooler nights keeps the river in great shape but if we get hot spells the river will jump in height and colour up. Watch the height gauge and call the shop for updates. The river has held very nicely during the entire month of May. If you have a boat and want to enjoy the perfect water conditions on the Sumas River, try trolling or casting lures, bait fishing for trout and salmon. Mostly catch and release but lots of fun.

The best areas is below the train bridge to where the Sumas and Fraser meet. Check your regs and stay within the law.

Click here for retention limits and up to date notices specific to Region 2 rivers

 Fraser River  

The river levels have been jumping up and down the past two weeks. Warmer temperatures will mean an increase in river height. The snow pack this year is well below normal so a big run off is not expected. Sturgeon anglers are realizing that when the river levels are up and down, the fishing can be a challenge. Sturgeon will move around to find food and avoid debris. Despite the fishing being a little more of a challenge, the fish are there and they do pull hard when you hook them up.  Eulichans are still producing but lamprey and roe are good choice to bring along.  Make sure you are fishing on the bottom with the appropriate weight, usually 14 to 20 ounces of lead. Also be very aware of debris coming down the river. Large trees can quickly cause a dangerous situation if you are not paying attention to avoiding this danger when anchored.

Click here for retention limits and up to date notices specific to Region 2 rivers

 Local Lakes  

With the great weather, its time to get out on the water. All the local lakes are fishing well. Be sure to drop by and load up on your needs. Our spring clearance sale is on with lots of good deals on rods, reels, tackle, clothing and more.  

 Interior Lakes  

The lakes are all fishing well. When the weather is good the fishing can be excellent. The reports this past week were exceptional. Lots of fly anglers doing well with the Chironomids. The spring can go from red hot to very challenging depending on the wind and weather. Chironomid, shrimp and leaches usually the best choices at this time of year. Watch for fish cruising out of the deep onto the shallow shoals where the sun is activating the insect life and creating a buffet for the hungry fish after a long winter of eating shrimp. When the sun comes out the fish get active. Make sure you check out our huge selection of flies to fill up the fly box. Also, take advantage of our vast selection of rio fly lines at 20% off.

 Salt Water  

The predictions for Chinook this year is looking very good with reports coming from the entire coast with above average to excellent results. The only factors that are making things a little difficult is the wind, but you have to pick the days. Lots of action over at Thrasher this week. Some bigger fish are showing as well. Some good action on the Iron Needle spoons. These are fantastic fish catchers, especially when the fish are feeding on needle fish or anchovies. When its tough, these lures do make a difference. We have a good selection of these hand painted gems.

Report by Fred Helmer