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Fishing Report

Fred's @ 2015 BC Boat & Sportsmen's Show
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FISHING REPORT for March 2nd, 2015 8:08AM
Although not as crazy as it was in January, the Chilliwack is still very productive. The river levels are still coming down, albeit very slowly. Fish are spread throughout the river because of the recent high water.

Steelheading is all about covering water to find a fish. Float fishing is the most common technique to target these winter bullets. You can use almost anything to fish for steelhead, but the most common baits would be wool, single eggs, roe, prawns, pink worms, jigs, or blades. Swinging flies for steelhead is gaining in popularity very quickly. Egg sucking leeches, marabou popsicles or larger intruder type flies are just a few common patterns when looking for winter steel. Nymphing or indicator fishing is also a great way to target these fish.

The bite has been a bit slow over the past few days. All that to say we had a customer come in with pics of a fish measuring over 10'. They also slammed into another fish they figure was as big, if not bigger, that broke their rod. The Fraser River is murky and around 39 - 40 degrees. As usual bring some options - lamprey, eulachons, roe, worms, or single egg sacks.

Try out Pro-cure Sturgeon and Garlic scents before leaving a hole and see what climbs on your hook!

It's been a bit slow for trout and dolly fishing. The whitefish tend to school up pretty tight so once you find them you can spend the whole day getting you "tug on".Drifting wool ties, troutbeads or jensen eggs is effective for the gear anglers. Lighter fly rods are fine (3 - 6 weight) with indicators. We have 3 different types of beads in the shop - Hevi-beads, Trout beads and Steelie beads. Try hitting them with some egg oil or krill scent!

Other Fraser Valley Rivers

Stave River... Steelhead are starting to show up in the Stave. One of the biggest challenges is dealing with the water levels which are determined by the dam project. Parking is still restricted so please pay attention to where you leave your vehicle.

Chehalis River... Steelheading has been good with plenty of positive reports. This heavy rainfall however is going to make it almost impossible to fish. Make sure you have your license and tag before fishing!

Fraser Valley Lakes

Kawkawa Lake... Closed for fishing until March 1, 2015.

Sasquatch Park Area... It's that time of year when activity on the local lakes slows right down. Once things warm up andthe fry start hatching you'll see a whole lot more activity.

Chilliwack Lake... The gate is closed for the season.

Cultus Lake... Highly under fished, Cultus Lake offers awesome opportunities for cutthroat, and dollies. The kids will have a great time from shore with a bobber and bait (worms, Pautzke Balls-o-fire, and PowerBait are staples) fishing for coarse fish, and even cutthroat.

Jones Lake... Very good fishing reports from Jones. The road isn't the best and the logging can make for a bit of stop and go. For gear you can't go wrong with wedding bands, Bingo Bugs, Flatfish, RoosterTails, and Hilldebrandts. On the fly go with mini/microleeches, spratleys, woolly buggers, and fry patterns like rolled muddlers.

Interior Lakes
Waiting for ice off.... It might be an early one this year?
Saltwater Report

Prawn and crab fishing has been excellent as of late. There are some winter chinook around, but nothing to get to excited about yet. Be sure to get your downriggers tuned up with a visit to our Abbotsford store - we are an authorized Scotty service centre.