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Fishing Report

FISHING REPORT for July 1st, 2015 9:39AM
We've had some positive sightings of fish rolling in near the mouth, as well as holding fish in the Vedder and Chilliwack. What you'll need for the impending salmon season will depend on your preferred angling method.
  • Float fishing techniques are one of the most popular methods for fishing springs. With typical tackle including roe, egg sacks, prawns, wool, and jigs. The key is getting in front of these fish that like to sit in deep guts.
  • Bar rigs with spin'n'glos and roe are another bank fishing option.
  • If you have a boat and will be trolling, Gibbs T-spoons, Gibbs Koho spoons, Gibbs  Kitimats, BC Steel, and Bent Rod Cascade trolling spinners are all good options. 
  • Back trolling from a boat with Flatfish, Kwickfish, and Brad's Wigglers is becoming more and more popular.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of April 1st, it is illegal to fish at night (1 hour after sunset and 1 hour before sunrise) in the non-tidal portion of the Fraser River, on the Pitt River, and on the Harrison River.

Sturgeon fishing has been exceptional considering the time of year. Bring a few different bait options - lamprey, eulachons, or roe. Try out Pro-cure Sturgeon and Garlic scents before leaving a hole and see what climbs on your hook!

Haven't heard much lately from the Harrison. Most anglers are either headed for the lakes or waiting on salmon season. There are plenty of resident trout and white fish to keep the fly or light tackle gear angler happy. This river doesn't kick in now until September when the salmon opens.

Other Fraser Valley Rivers

Stave River... The river has been quite high with the push back of water from the Fraser River. This has made trout fishing a bit tough. Parking is still restricted so please pay attention to where you leave your vehicle.

Chehalis River... Haven't heard anything from salmon fisherman but the trout fishery has been very good. Fly fishing or casting small spinners is a popular option this time of year.

Fraser Valley Lakes

Kawkawa Lake... Summer on Kawkawa can be fun but challenging with the amount of recreational activities in the area. Kokanee fishing will run up and until its closure but you definitely have to get down.

Sasquatch Park Area... These lakes will do well through the summer. Warmer weather always dictates fishing deeper.

Chilliwack Lake... With the salmon fry starting to show themselves the cutthroat, dollies and kokanee will begin coming out to feed.

Cultus Lake... Highly under fished, Cultus Lake offers awesome opportunities for cutthroat, and dollies. The kids will have a great time from shore with a bobber and bait (worms, Pautzke Balls-o-fire, and PowerBait are staples) fishing for coarse fish, and even cutthroat.

Jones Lake... For gear you can't go wrong with wedding bands, Bingo Bugs, Flatfish, RoosterTails, and Hilldebrandts. On the fly go with mini/microleeches, spratleys, woolly buggers, and fry patterns like rolled muddlers.

Interior Lakes
A bit of a change of pace now on our interior lakes. Temperatures have been warm for a good stretch now and that's a game changer. Lakes that were once chironomid crazy have drifted to a broader spectrum of bugs. So what does this mean? Bring all of your options when you go - chironomids, mayflies, damsels, dragons, scuds, leeches, boobies (not a bug but a weapon) and sedge patterns. And bring all of your lines - floating, intermediate, type 3, type 5, type 6, and type 7 (the latter 3 being somewhat interchangeable).

Also, we are quickly moving into sedge / caddis season which can be spectacular on the dry fly - Elk Hair Caddis
, Tom Thumbs,  California Blondes, and Mikuluk Sedges are excellent options.

Give us a call if you have any questions about a particular lake that you're going to. We get info from customers that go to many different lakes and we may be able to point you in the right direction.
Vancouver Saltwater Report

June can be a bit of a quiet time for our local Vancouver Chinook fishery. However, many of our local Howe Sound holes, Hole in the Wall, Hump, Roger Curtis, Cowans Pt, are still producing fish up to 25 lbs. It is by no means hot but one who fishes the tides and times it can pick up a nice fish or two. depth now is 40 to 120 the daylight increases fish deeper but keep some gear shallow as migratory Chinook are shallow travelers. Bait will be best, however green and white hoochies, 40 inch leader are always a safe bet. Army Truck and White are great also. Spoons on a 6 ft leader are another good option. As June progresses we are going to see some large Chinook appear in front of the Fraser and in the Harbour as well as Howe Sound. For an up to the minute report call Chris Speed anytime.

Tight Lines!

Captain, Chris Speed
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