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Fishing Report

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FISHING REPORT for May 14th, 2015 8:29AM
NOTICE: The Chilliwack River upstream of the Vedder Crossing Bridge is now closed to ALL fishing. It will reopen July 1st for chinook.

The Vedder River downstream of the Vedder Crossing Bridge is open for the month of May to fly fishing only. We had a bit of spike in water level yesterday but is coming down nicely. Steelhead love it when the water jumps up and starts dropping.

This is a great time of year to book a walk and wade and learn how to fly fish for steelhead. We will help you learn to cast, read water, and hopefully hook a chrome steelhead! Call either shop and book today - 604-858-7344 or 604-746-1481.

Swinging flies with a sink tip would be the most common tactic. Choose a sink tip that keeps your fly about a foot off the bottom all the way to shore.  Size of fly will vary depending on the speed, clarity and height of the water.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  As of April 1st, it is illegal to fish at night (1 hour after sunset and 1 hour before sunrise) in the non-tidal portion of the Fraser River, on the Pitt River, and on the Harrison River.

The boys from Abby went out last night after work for a couple of hours and got into two fish - one on lamprey and one on eulachon. There was definitely a lot of small debris and the odd log coming down river. The fish aren't being too active right now so you may want to use some scent to peak their interest.

Also you'll find that the fish will be rolling on bait. If you are having this problem, either move to a circle hook or avoid being aggressive on small bites.

Bring a few different bait options - lamprey, eulachons, or roe. Use your side imaging sounder to help locate where the bigger fish are laying, they are moving around too much to pick your bait up.

Try out Pro-cure Sturgeon and Garlic scents before leaving a hole and see what climbs on your hook!

The Harrison has been going up gradually over the past couple of weeks . Cutthroat fishing has been steady with fish everywhere from Morris down to the confluence with the Fraser. Tackle options include stripping fry patterns on the fly, troutbeads under an indicator, nymphs under an indicator, or small spinners and blades on the spinning rod. Keeping your gear light will make for a more enjoyable experience.

Other Fraser Valley Rivers

Stave River... Cutthroat fishing is picking up with the warmer weather. Fry are starting to pop and there is some good trout fishing to be had. Parking is still restricted so please pay attention to where you leave your vehicle.

Chehalis River... The Chehalis has been very low and clear for a few weeks now. It is much harder to locate fish and find willing biters with these conditions.

Fraser Valley Lakes

Kawkawa Lake... Kokanee fishing is doing well. Remember to ID the fish before killing - there are coho in this lake and they are a no no.

Sasquatch Park Area... These lakes are doing okay. The water is still quite cold so the fish aren't too active.

Chilliwack Lake... With the salmon fry starting to show themselves the cutthroat, dollies and kokanee will begin coming out to feed.

Cultus Lake... Highly under fished, Cultus Lake offers awesome opportunities for cutthroat, and dollies. The kids will have a great time from shore with a bobber and bait (worms, Pautzke Balls-o-fire, and PowerBait are staples) fishing for coarse fish, and even cutthroat.

Jones Lake... Very good fishing reports from Jones. The road isn't the best and the logging can make for a bit of stop and go. For gear you can't go wrong with wedding bands, Bingo Bugs, Flatfish, RoosterTails, and Hilldebrandts. On the fly go with mini/microleeches, spratleys, woolly buggers, and fry patterns like rolled muddlers.

Interior Lakes
Wow! Those three little letters pretty much sum up the start to trout season in our Merritt and Kamloops area lakes. Massive hatches are stimulating the fish into a frenzy of activityin the lower elevations. Chironomids in size 14 - 18 Dark colored chromies, Ice cream cones and static bag flies will fish well if you match the size and find the appropriate depth that the fish are feeding at. Mayflies are starting to pop off in some area also.  Early season fly patterns would be micro leeches, chironomids, scuds and small nymphs.
Vancouver Saltwater Report

The local Chinook fishing continues to be some of the best we have seen in Vancouver over this period of time in the last number of years. The South Bowen area, Cowans Point, Seymour Bay, The Hump, Roger Curtis, QA Marker are all safe bets to drop a line in the coming weeks. Chinook ranging from 10 to 25lbs have been taken at depths from 50 to 150ft, on all types of gear including anchovies, herring, spoons and hootchies. Depth has been important in getting lucky, it seems 60 to 80ft has been very productive at times, as well getting down to 120 to 160ft. Early morning seems to be a productive time in the last number of days. Tide changes are always a safe bite time too.

Tight Lines!

Captain, Chris Speed
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