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Fishing Report

F3T @ Fred's in Abbotsford

FISHING REPORT for April 17th, 2014 6:27PM
We've got about 12" of visibility right now which can be a good thing or a bad thing. Today was a bit slow, the bull trout were out in full force though. April is turning out to be an excellent month overall. With all the salmon fry out this is the time of year, try Colorado blades, Dick Nites, or Lil Shaver blades and spoons. Other effective gear options include rubber worms, jigs, and single eggs.

This is also a fantastic time of year to fly fish for steelhead and trout in general. Try small nymph patterns (stonefly, Copper Johns, micro leeches, Prince Nymphs) or Troutbeads for trout, and the usual
egg sucking leeches, popsicles, intruder's and prawn patterns for steelhead.

Be sure to cover lots of water to have the best success. Start at the top of the run and fish progressively down river.

Sturgeon fishing has been doing very well. The water is warming up, fish are becoming more active and are putting up a good fight. There is good opportunity in the lower river to find large numbers of fish in the 3-5 foot range.

When fishing anywhere above the Vedder mouth you may have to put in more effort to find where fish are located, but your chance at hooking a bigger fish are increased. Single egg sacks, chum roe, lamprey and eulachon are good choices of bait for this time of year.

Cutthroat fishing is doing well with the warmer weather we have been getting. Fry are starting to venture out into the back channels and sloughs of the Fraser where the cutties and bulltrout wait to prey on them. Fly fisherman should be using minnow patterns in size #8-#4. If you are chucking gear concentrate on small spoons like Hildebrants or spinner's.

The spring cutthroat fishery is really starting to ramp up. Lots of pink and chum fry swimming around along with some nice insect hatches on the warmer days. We have had good reports from anglers spending time in the kilby area fishing off the beach. Fishing is even better up by french creek and the Chehalis outlet if you own a boat. You must cover water when looking for cutthroat or your success will be limited.

Small spoons like crocs, hildebrandts or dick nites are the ticket for gear fisherman. Fly anglers should stick to minnow patterns or troutbeads.

Other Fraser Valley Rivers

Stave River...Good reports coming from steelhead and cutthroat anglers alike. Lots of fry swimming about in the back channels and slack water. Parking is still restricted so please pay attention to where you leave your vehicle.

Chehalis River... Been fishing well for steelhead of late.

Fraser Valley Lakes

Kawkawa Lake... Kokanee fishing has been excellent for early season. Make sure you identify your catch because the cutthroat and landlocked coho can not be legally retained. Bottom fishing with bait is one of the most common methods to hook up in this fishery. Fly fisherman should concentrate on fishing bloodworms, chironomids, micro/mini leeches in black or red, and small red or black Doc Spratleys with indicators or trolling a deep sinking line.

Sasquatch Park Area... Trout fishing is starting to pick up in the Harrison area lakes. Grace, Wolf, Deer, Trout, and Hicks are all great options. Nothing big but can be very productive. For the fly fisherman look to chironomids, leech, pumkinheads (of course), mayfly nymphs (52 Buicks, etc.), and small scud patterns. Bingo Bugs, Dick Nites, Hildebrandts, Rooster Tails, wedding bands, and Skookums are all great options. 

Jones Lake... No reports from there yet.

Interior Lakes
Lakes with 100% ice off include Stump, Jacko, Six mile, Yellow, Barnes, Sawmill, Courtney, Kidd, Salmon and White. Lakes that are not far from full ice off are Peterhope, Marquat, and Lundbom. Kane valley lakes still have 10"-16" of ice and Harmon is starting to melt around the edges.

Good early season options for fly fishing are micro leeches, chironomids, small scuds and attractor patterns.
Saltwater Report

Chinook fishing has been steady over the past few weeks. Tides play a large factor when looking for these winter fish. On an incoming tide fish closer West Vancouver, Capilano and Stanley Park. When fishing an outgoing tide concentrate your time around the bell buoy’s, QB Marker and mid harbor. We have had some good fishing around Howe Sound this past week. Most of the usual spots like Bowen island, Hutt island, Grace island and Tunstall Bay will hold Chinook at this time of year.  The first thing you must do when looking for these fish is find where the bait is located. Start fishing on the bottom and move up from there using spoons, hoochies, anchovies or herring strips. Good options for flashers are purple haze, moonjelly, green racer and jellyfish. When selecting the right spoons and hoochies for spring fishing start with green glow or green and white.

Report provided by Captian Chris Speed